Cyber Panel Change PHP Upload Limit or Configuration

Cyber Panel Change PHP Upload Limit or Configuration

In this article, we will learn How to change the PHP configuration for Cyber Panel. To change the PHP configuration, we need a Cyber Panel user account with appropriate privileges. For this article, we are using an admin account. To change the PHP Configuration first, we need to open the Edit Config page.

Edit Config

Cyber Panel Edit Config Page.

On the edit-config page, we have two options to change the PHP version. The first is the Basic Options, and the other one is the advance. We will first check the Basic Options. 

Basic Options

We can use the Basic Options when we need to control the following configurations quickly.

  1. display_errors: 
  2. file_uploads: 
  3. allow_url_open: 
  4. allow_url_include:
  5. memory_limit:
  6. max_execution_time:
  7. upload_max_filesize:
  8. post_max_size:
  9. max_input_time:

First, select the appropriate PHP version, change the appropriate properties, and click on the Save Changes.

Select PHP Version

Select PHP Version at Basic tab.

Edit Basic Config

Edit Basic PHP Config

Advance PHP Configuration
When we need to change any other properties, we need to select the Advanced options. Using the advanced tab, we can directly able to edit the PHP INI file. We need to be very careful while editing the file. If we messed up, it would cause other issues. It is always good to have a proper backup before editing the files. Let's assume we have the backup of the file. Now, we can modify the required property. For example, in the following image, we edited the "memory_limit" only. 

Advance PHP Config

Advance PHP Configuration tab.

Finally, we need to restart the LSCPD by executing the following command in the terminal.


systemctl restart lscpd

Restart LSCPD

Restart LSCPD

How to confirm the new changes are applied?
We can always check the output of "phpinfo," or we can also check the new upload limit at phpMyAdmin database import if in case you changed the PHP file upload size.


Confirm PHP Config Changes

Confirm PHP Config Changes.

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