How to Create a Candy Shop Logo

How to Create a Candy Shop Logo

The minimal and fresh logo design for the candy shop is very easy to create. Main emphasis is on the colors and shape of this geometric design. The cute font adds to the funky style and approach of the logo. Adding shadows and transparency improve the design by adding depth to the minimal logo. You may find additional inspiration by searching on Vlemonn.

Let’s get started!


Step 1

First, we create a new document (cmd+N or ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator with an artboard size of 800 x 600px

Step 2

Now use Ellipse Tool (L) from the tool panel and create a circle. While dragging press Shift on keyboard to create a proper circle in the centre of the artboard.

Step 3

Use the Rectangle Tool (M) from tool panel and create a rectangle. The bottom should align with the centre point of the circle which we created earlier.

Step 4

With the rectangle selected, select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and click on the bottom vertex of the rectangle and drag it inside so that it aligns with the centre of the segment as well as the centre of the circle. Repeat this process on the second bottom vertex of the rectangle as shown below.

Step 5

Now select your entire design and select the Shape Builder tool (Shift + M) to create different objects. Click on the rectangle part which is outside the circle to create it as a separate object as shown below. Go ahead and delete that part of the rectangle.

Remember that your paths must be either aligned or overlapping for the Shape Builder tool to work.

Step 6

Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform and a transform effect panel will appear. Set the copies to 12 and the rotate angle at 30 degree.

Step 7

Go to the tools panel and select Ellipse Tool (L) and create a circle on the outside of the existing circle, by pressing Shift on your keyboard. Align the circle as shown below.

Once the position of the circle is final, select the Type on a Path Tool from the tool panel and type your brands name or company name. Go ahead and complete the design by adding more text.

Step 8

Now that our design is complete, we’ll generate our color palette.
First select your colors for light and shadows. Draw squares with fills of the colors you’re going to use for the different parts of the design. Now you can use the colors and add them to the Swatch panel by selecting them and clicking on the New Color Group button.

Step 9

Fill your design with colors and then Create a circle smaller than the original one. The color of the circle should be white and the opacity should be 20%. The opacity panel is on the top centre of the artboard.

Step 10

Create another circle and fill it with black color and decrease its opacity to 30%. Then select the circle and send it back by Right Click > Arrange > Send it Back. This should act as a shadow to the logo.

Now create a rectangle on the entire artboard and select a lighter pink shade and send this rectangle back as well.


The minimal Candy Shop Logo is complete! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you do follow this tutorial and create your own logo, please post it in the comments so we can see your result. Thankyou fellow designers!

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