How to create a Geometric Logo and Understanding Logo Styles

How to create a Geometric Logo and Understanding Logo Styles

Geometric Logos are the trend of the season. Combining simple elegant creations with vibrant colors and friendlier compositions to offset its reputation. Logos can various styles and the popular one’s are gradient off set logos, line art logos, new edge geometric logos.

The ever-efficient geometric style can be played in may ways but we are going to work on the minimal yet loud logo. Furthermore, we are going to discuss the varying styles a logo can be designed.

Let’s get started with our minimal geometric logo.


Step 1

First, we create a new document (cmd+N or ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator with an artboard size of 600 x 600px

Step 2

Now create a rectangle using the Rectangle Tool (M) from the tool panel. Fill it with a dark color. 

Step 3

Then use the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the bottom two anchor points and drag them closer to create a trapezoid with narrow bottom.

Step 4

Create another rectangle using the Rectangle Tool. After that create a circle using the Ellipse Tool (L), to create a circle you need to press shift along with your mouse.

Step 5

Use the rectangle tool again to create a vertical rectangle which will become our bunch of fries.

Step 6

Select the previously drafted rectangle and copy paste it several times. Use the rotate option, select object > Click Right > Transform > Rotate. Or you could just use your mouse by moving the cursor near the edge of the rectangle and when a small curved arrow appears hit it and rotate. Create your own bunch of fries.

Step 7

Now select all the fries and make a group (cmd+G or ctrl+G). Now send them behind the first rectangle, Click Right > Arrange > Send Back.

Step 8

Our logo is almost complete. After the design is satisfactory just add colors that go well together or go with your brand color scheme.

Logo Styles

Style of a logo is the defining statement of the brand. It will be seen everywhere and by everyone so you want to send the right message about your brand. The geometric logos have been in use and trending for a few years now, so its very important to bring something new to the concept. Designers around the world are working on innovating the minimal geometric style of designing.

Let us explore different geometric styles of logos:


Minimal Geometric Style

You may see as many as ten minimal geometric logos on a daily basis. This style of logo is defined by strong modern shapes, clean lines, sharp edges, minimum distraction. Exclusion of unnecessary design elements and keeping the customers interest to the vital points is a part of this design style. Though overused geometric is coming back in trend with its quirkiness and vibrant color palettes.

Gradient Style

Gradient style logos use the color palette in the best possible way. This style is trending, hip and is going to stay for a while. There are a lot of possibilities to play with gradients in your design. You just use it to add light and shadows or you may use to create illusions. Gradient style may only include one color with its shades and tints or may consist of five different colors. The use of gradient is also done to create a 3-D effect logo. So, the drafting and creating is totally up to you. You can just use to add hints of shadows or you may go big with curves and illusions.

Line art Style

Line art Logos have been trending or a while now. The clean look, minimal feel and freshness is hard to resist. This style takes the best aspects of retro style and simplifies it into charming graphics that will look great on anything. The color palette of a line art logo is always minimal and neutrals. The beauty of the linear style is clean lines and no shading, with bold lines that contrast starkly against their background. You just need to pay attention the weight of lines in the logo along with the typography.


Just try to create a logo that fits your brand and brings joy to you. If this tutorial was helpful and you successfully created your logo please share it with us in the comments section below. Thankyou fellow designers!

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