How to Create a Gradient Letter D Logo

How to Create a Gradient Letter D Logo

In this tutorial we are going to talk about use of gradient in letter logo designing. We’ll use the letter D as our base and use gradients, transparency and add shadows to enhance the design. Generally, gradients are often a challenge for some, but with a little insight into a variety of palettes, you'll find it a lot easier than you think. You may find additional inspiration by searching on Vlemonn.

Let’s get started


Step 1

First, we create a new document (cmd+N or ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator with an artboard size of 800 x 600px

Step 2

Now use Ellipse Tool (L) from the tool panel and create a small circle by pressing shift simultaneously.

Then go to Option > Path > Offset Path. An option path box will appear after that you increase the size of the offset. I increased it to 40 px but you adjust as you need.

Step 3

Select the two circles and then go to Options > Compound Path > Make. This option will convert the two circles into a single object.

Step 4

Complete your design by creating a vertical rectangle. Select the Rectangle Tool (M) from your tool panel and create a rectangle on the left side of the circle.

Step 5

Now select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and select all the anchors on the rectangle and drag them inside. This will convert the sharp edges into round shape.

Step 6

We’re now going to generate our color palette.
Choose three colors that go well together. My palette consists of orange + yellow and teal blue + light blue. Add them to the Swatch panel by selecting them and clicking on the New Color Group button.

Step 7

Our design and the color palette are ready. Now select an object, then select the Gradient Tool (G) and add color to your design. Select the rectangle and add orange and yellow to it.

Step 8

Add the gradient of teal blue along with light blue to the circle. Now to make seem a little transparent, select the light blue handle on the gradient panel and decrease its opacity. The opacity option is right below the gradient slider.

Step 9

To complete our logo, we need to add light hints of shadow. Select the rectangle then go to Effect > Stylize > Inner Glow. An option box will appear where you have to select soft light in the mode and change the white color into black.

Repeat this process on the circle. A slight depth will be seen your logo design after you do this step.


Our gradient logo is complete! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you do follow this tutorial and create your own logo, please post it in the comments so we can see your result. Thankyou fellow designers!

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