How to Create a Technology Hexagon Logo

How to Create a Technology Hexagon Logo

Vibrant technology logos are the fashion of today. Seemingly simple yet compiling the meaning of an entire technology is the meaning of this style of logo. This logo comprises of a hexagon shape, clean lines and shapes and a colorful palette. Minimal and geometric are few words to describe this style of designing. It is not necessary to to have a vibrant color scheme but I thought it worked best with my brand. If you want more vibrant yet minimal logos please consider looking on Vlemonn.

Let’s get started!


Step 1

First, we create a new document (cmd+N or ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator with an artboard size of 800 x 600px

Step 2

From the tool panel select the Polygon Tool and create a hexagon.

Step 3

Use the Pen Tool (P) and create a L shaped as shown below. Increase the stroke to 2 pt. Again, use the pen tool and create a G shape. Complete the design as shown below. The design may not be perfect, but remember that the distance between the two paths is almost equal.

Step 4

Now use the Rectangle Tool (M) from the tool panel and create a square by pressing Shift on your keyboard. Place this small square above the end point of the first path we made.

Step 5

Place this small square on each end point of the path. To place on an angled end, rotate the square. Select the square, Click Right > Transform > Rotate > Angle > 60 or 30 depending the path. Please refer to the images below to get your design right.

Step 6

To complete our design, select all the paths and square and create a group (cmd+G or ctrl+G) on your artboard. Then select the group and rotate it by repeating the previous step. This time the angle should be 120 degree. Place the new group as shown below. Then repeat this entire step and you must have three groups that cover your hexagon.

Step 7

Now select the three groups and go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke. This option helps you convert any path into an object.


Step 8

It is important that we convert the entire design into a compound path. For this go to Object > Compound Path > Make.

Step 9

We’re now going to generate our vibrant color palette.
Draw squares with fills of the colors you’re going to use for the different parts of the design. I have chosen bright colors for the design and dark blue for the background purposes. To use the colors you need to add them to the Swatch panel by selecting them and clicking on the New Color Group button.


Step 10

Our design and the color palette are ready. Now select the object, then select the Gradient Tool (G) and add color to your design. Try to play with colors and have direction of the light and shadow. Add all the vibrant colors to the design logo.

Step 11

To add a background, create a rectangle which has the size of the artboard. Fill this rectangle with dark blue color. Then select the rectangle, Click Right > Arrange > Send it Back. This will send the rectangle in back of the artboard and bring the logo in front.



Our technology hexagon logo is complete! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you do follow this tutorial and create your own logo, please post it in the comments so we can see your result. Thankyou fellow designers!

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