How to Create three Variations of a Logo

How to Create three Variations of a Logo

Variations of logos is the trend of the future. As a designer, the clients are always demanding for new and different trends. You can pitch this idea of variate logos on the same design principle and color palette. Or you may suggest these styles as different options for the brand.

All the logos are differrent yet have a similar vibe to them. The sense of similarity is due to the color scheme and the fact that the all these logos come under the same design principle of minimalism. The first one is a color block geometeric logo design, clean and effective. The second logo is overlapping design with low opacity. The last one is a softer, line art style of design. For some more idea’s about logo designing and branding find inspiration by searching on Vlemonn.

Let’s get started!


Step 1

First, we create a new document (cmd+N or ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator with an artboard size of 900 x 400px

Step 2

Use the Elipse Tool (L) from the tool panel and create a circle while pressing shift on your keyboard.

Then select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and select the vertexs on left and right side and the slect the scissor symbol on the top of the artboard and click on both the side vertes. This process helps in diving the circle from the centre. Then select the top semi circle and delete it. 

Step 3

Afterwards, use the Pen Tool (P) and create a straight line on the right sid eof the circle. You will start to see a letter J on your artboard now.

Step 4

From the top panel increase the stroke size to 40 pt. Then go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke. This option will convrt your path into an object.

Step 5

Copy the letter and paste it on the right side of the board. Use the rectangle tool and add it on the top of the letter as shown below. Now copy and paste the same rectangle and rotate it on 90-degree angle by Right Click > Transform > Rotate as shown below.

Step 6

We’re now going to copy and paste the letter on the left side of the artboard. Then use the pen tool and create a leaf like shape on the left half of the letter as shown below.

Then reflect the shape by Right Click > Reflect > Vertical > Copy. Then align the second shape with the first one. Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) and select the top two vertes and drag them down as shown below.

Step 7

Then complete the logo by increasing the stroke of both the shapes to 10 pt. Go ahead and delete the letter shape behind.

Step 8

With the last logo, create a shape as shown below with the help of pen tool. This shape should be transperant. Select the shape and go to opacity panel on the top and decrease the percentage.


Three variations of our logo are complete! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you do end up pitching this idea and follow this tutorial and create your own logo, please post it in the comments so we can see your result. Thankyou fellow designers!

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