How to make a Vector Hand drawn Logo

How to make a Vector Hand drawn Logo

Hand drawn logos are the best way to customize your brand and add the special personal feel to it. However good the graphical logo be but a hand drawn logo can never go out of style.

It is very important to have the perfect imagination of what you want the logo to look like. Then get to work and draw or paint it out on a board or sheet. After that you can convert that hand drawn logo into a vector logo in few simple steps.

Let’s get to work!


Sketching or Painting

The initial step to logo design is sketching or painting your logo on plain sheet of paper. For this particular logo I have used watercolor paints to draw my leaves on a plain paper. The teal green color and change in shades of color add to the depth of the logo design. You can sketch it out with a pencil or a pen or use any medium of color to paint the logo. As you know the sky is the limit.

Once you are satisfied by the way your logo looks, click a picture and import that file to your computer. There are various apps and options to help you with that. I simply used my usb cord to connect the phone and computer and then went to my phone library and copied the images to my computer.

Converting into Vector

Once the image is placed in to Illustrator, then use Image Trace to change the image in to a vector. The image trace menu automatically pops up as soon as you open a photo or image in Illustrator. You can either just click on the trace button, or you can click the drop-down menu for more trace options. I picked 16 colors for this artwork because the artwork is all color tone. Be patient will the illustrator does its magic.

After completing the trace, I then Expand the shape in order to make it a vector. This turns all my lines into pathways. As soon as you do this you will find that the artwork is automatically grouped. Go ahead and delete the background color and other useless elements.

Then you can resize and scale the artwork as it is a vector now. Once you are satisfied with the size and placement, just add some text with the help of Text Tool (T) and complete your logo design.


You have successfully made a logo that is hand drawn and a vector as well. Make the logo as personalized as you want and don’t worry about not fitting with other brand essentials. If this tutorial was helpful and you successfully make your own logo please share it with us in the comments section below.

Thankyou fellow designers, Happy designing!

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