How to Redesign A Logo

How to Redesign A Logo

Redesigning something that already has an established name and brand can be really tough. The key point to remember while redesigning is, what the brand stands for. In this case, the client was looking for something more colorful and funky compared to their existing logo. So, I added curves to add drama and created an entirely new color scheme to make it stand out.

The usual trend of redesign is to make the logo simpler and more minimal but the client was specific about the requirements, thus the addition of gradation and curves in the new logo. The color palette is inspired from the old one with few new colors to add to the gradient in the logo. The improved logo is brighter and more interactive.

In this tutorial we’ll talk about redesigning the logo. We’ll use the letter C as our base and create curves and add gradient to enhance the design. Let’s focus on the show creativity and the style of work. You may find additional inspiration by searching on Vlemonn.

Let’s get started


Step 1

First, we create a new document (cmd+N or ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator with an artboard size of 800 x 600px

Step 2

Now use Type Tool (T) to add Capital letter C. Use a round edged font. Then right click on the text and select the Create Outline option. This option converts text into an object. 

Step 3

Afterwards, use the Pen Tool (P) to create three curve lines on the letter C. Don’t worry about them being perfect, let them be flowy and natural. Please follow the curves as shown below.

Step 4

Now select your entire design and select the Shape Builder tool (Shift + M) to create different objects. Select the Shape Builder tool and then click the selected shapes to create different objects. Create different objects as shown below.

Remember that your paths must be either aligned or overlapping for the Shape Builder tool to work.

Step 5

We’re now going to generate our color palette.
First select your colors for light and shadows. Draw squares with fills of the colors you’re going to use for the different parts of the design. I've worked around the existing color palette and added a few new colors to enhance the gradient.

Now you can use the colors and add them to the Swatch panel by selecting them and clicking on the New Color Group button.

Step 6

Our design and the color palette are ready. Now select an object, then select the Gradient Tool (G) and add color to your design. Try to play with colors and have direction of the light and shadow. Darker shades near the curves and lighter on the opposite end.


The new improved logo is complete! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you do follow this tutorial and create your own redesigned logo, please post it in the comments so we can see your result. Thankyou fellow designers!

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