Understanding Colors in Logo Design

Understanding Colors in Logo Design

Finding the perfect color can be as hard as finalizing the design. Every color has a meaning and a personality, and that’s why selecting the right logo color can make or break your business.

It is very important to have the right combination of colors in a logo. Those combinations are achieved by having a clear idea of the type of business you have or the kind of customers you want to attract.

Let’s find out our perfect logo color!


Color Psychology

Color is everywhere, and whether you know it or not each color you encounter gives you an emotional experience. Red gets you excited, Purple is the color of wealth, White is a sign of purity and innocence, Green and blue evoke a feeling of calm, and yellow makes you feel warm.

Understanding the psychology of color can be a valuable asset for designers and entrepreneurs when choosing brand colors. Choosing the right colors means your audience will instantly know who you are, what you do and what you’re about.

For you to understand colors better, we’ll divide brand into different personalities. Every personality has different design and color combination. We see the different design and colors of the same minimal logo which is shown below.

Artist - Lemonandbirch

Artist – Lemonandbirch

Color that works best.

Just like colors, your brand has a personality of its own, and consumers go after products that match their own personalities. Defining your brand personality helps customers make purchasing decisions, and it helps you target the right people.



There are studies that indicate that men and women have different tastes for color. Feminine color scheme comprises of colors that are creative, joyful, vibrant and elegant. The color pink, for example, is thought to be a calming color associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Other colors with muted tones like pale green, beiges, purple, mint and white also give a touch of femininity to a brand.

Artist - Lemonandbirch


Hard lines, minimal, sharp and sleek are few design words to describe masculinity. The darkest colors that have the deepest hues, exude the most masculine undertones think blacks, navy, dark greens or reds, purples or oranges. If white type will show easily on a background of the color, it likely has a masculine tone.

Artist - Lemonandbirch


Color trends for a luxury brand are based on vibrant colors as red, classic neutrals as black & white and warm golden hues. Combining gold with black or with white compose the perfect color pallets. Emerald green, Deep blues, and royal purples used as accents with the golden hues is the perfect palette for luxury logo designs. The rule is to keep it bold and daring.

Artist - Lemonandbirch


Economical logo trends are easy, simple and effective. The colors used are primary color such as red, yellow and blue along with white and black hues. Design is usually minimal with bright colors to attract customers. This type of personality is more practical and so the color scheme comprises of a few colors only.

Artist - Lemonandbirch


Vibrant, Colourful, Bright, Playful, Young. Colors that are bright and go well together. Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green and Blue are the colors when played against each other bring the design to life. The purpose of loud colors is to attract young audience. Neon colors gelled with white and black also look loud and make a bold statement. Loud colors helps to bring out the funky side of the brand. When used carefully any bright color combination just might be perfect for your logo.

Artist - Lemonandbirch


Subtle colors are indicator of warmth and calmness. Pastels work best of a subtle personality. They have low/medium saturation, a soft, subdued shade and lack strong chromatic content. They are called soft, neutral, soothing, milky, hazy and washed out. They are never bold, they look soft and they're easy on the eye. In the logo design trends, flat and minimal rock the web, logos in muted colors are in a great favour.

Artist - Lemonandbirch

Stay in Trend

Design trends change all the time. While changing your logo and brand again again may be a problem but staying in style never is. Knowing what’s new and what’s coming and incorporating it your design subtly may be helpful. Just being aware of the latest color trends can do your brand some good.

Do consider Pantone 2019’s color palette. Living Coral is vibrant, yet mellow color that embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort. You may add Living Color as an accent to your color palette.

Artist - Lemonandbirch


The best advice to give you is that the best color palette for your logo design is the one that fits your brand personality. If this tutorial was helpful and you successfully select the perfect color scheme for your logo please share it with us in the comments section below.

Thankyou fellow designers, Happy coloring!

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