How to Install Hortonworks Sandbox

How to Install Hortonworks Sandbox

How to Install Hortonworks Sandbox ?

Before start install Hortonworks Sandbox you need to download following files

  1. Oracle Virtual Box (Always use Latest Version) . Click here for VM Player verison
    • Download the required virtual box version based on your operating system.
    • Download Link: Click here to download Oracle Virtual Box.
    • How to Install Oracle Virtual Box: Click here for step by step guide to install oracle virtual box in your machine.
  2. Hortonworks Sandbox
    • Download the required version based sandbox.
    • Download Link: Click here to download Hortonworks Sandbox.
      • As show in below image download first file if you want to install Hortonworks Sandbox in windows environmrnt using virtual box.
      • Download second file if you want use Mac and VM WAre
      • Download second file if you want use HyperV

We are assuming Latest available Version of Orcale Virtual Box is installed if not please refer this link to install it in your machine.

Next we are going to import Hortonworks_Sandbox_X.X.ova (Here X.X is stands for latest version). For this follow below steps.

  • Open Oracle Virtual Box.
  • Next we need to open browser and type link in the address bar to access Hortonworks Sandbox.
  • If encounter below windows ensure your firewall is off
  • The Horton Sandbox Registration form
  • Now you are ready to start Hortonworks Sandbox.

You can watch below video for complete installation Setps.

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  • The vm will take some time to start. If saw some warning messages ignore it. If you are able to see the windows similar to below image your vm is started scuessfully.
  • Click on File Menu and Select Import Appliance... option windows key bord short cut (ctrl + I).
  • In Import Virtual Appliance windows navigate to Hortonworks_Sandbox_X.X.ova file location and select it. Once done click on Next button to continue.

  • Once Import is successfull. Select your newly created vritual machine (vm) and click on Start button to start your Hortonworks_Sandbox_X.X.
  • For Appliance Settings if you want to change the default settings change it. Once done click on Import button to start Import prcoess.
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