Cognos Data Manager Builds

Cognos Data Manager Builds

Cognos Data Manager Builds are of two types, Fact builds and Dimension Builds.  Fact builds are used for loading data from a source into a destination table. The source can be either a database table or a flat file. Cognos Data Manager support numbers of Databases.  Fact Builds also provide a way to transform, filter and modify the source data before loading it into the destination database tables. 

Following are the main activities performed by a simple Fact Build : 

  • Connect to Source (Excel, Flat File, database servers...).
  • Bring data from a single source or multiple sources.
  • Transformed the data.
  • Connect to the destination.
  • Load the clean and filtered data in the destination (Excel, Flat File, database servers...).

Here is a step by step guide to creating a simple Build for Pulling Data from a text file to a database table.

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