Cognos Data Manager Create Database Connections

Cognos Data Manager Create Database Connections

Cognos Data Manager Connections are use to connect data source. This article is a Step by Step Guide to create a new database connection. Follow below steps to create your first database connection.


  1. Launch Cognos Data Manager Designer (How to).
  2. Open your catalog (How to).
  3. From the tree pane right click on "Connection > Insert Connection" available under Library.
  4. In the new Connection Windows Provide following information
    1. General Tab
      1. Alias: New Connection Name
      2. Description (optional): Some thing about new connection.
    2. Connection Details Tab
      1. Select appropriate database from left side. Right Side options are based on your database type. Below options are for SQL Server Connection.
      2. Username (Optional if 4 Option is checked): SQL Server User Name.
      3. Password (Optional if 4 Option is checked): Password for given user name to access SQL Server database.
      4. Use Windows Logon (Optional if 2 , 3 fields are provided): Cheked if you want to used sql server windows logon.
      5. Server Name: Database Server name with instance <Server>//<Instance>.
      6. Database Name: Database Name used for Data Manager Catalog.
      7. OLE DB Provider: Database Connection provider for connecting database server.
      8. Collation sequence: Database Collation.
      9. Cognos SQL: Used Cognos Data Maneger Cognos SQL Mode.
      10. Test Connection: Test Connection Button to test given database connection information.
  5. Once Done Click on OK to save newly Created Cognos Data Manager Connection.
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