Cognos Data Manager Job Streams

Cognos Data Manager Job Streams

What is a Job Stream?

In simple words a Job Stream is a container. A container which hold other items. Technically a Job Stream is a collection of nodes and other job streams. Job Stream helps us to organize other nodes. Start Node is the default node in a Job Stream. It is the entry point of a Job Stream and execute first when a job stream is called. Links are used to connect two nodes and define the sequences of the nodes in a Job Stream.
Following are the primary task of a Job Stream.
  • To act as a container.
  • Define sequence of other nodes.

How to create a Job Stream ?

Follow below steps to create your first Job Stream.
  • Open your Data Manager Catalog.
  • In Tree Pan, under your catalog name right click at "Builds and JobStreams" and select Insert JobStream.
  • In new window under the General Tab provide following information and Click on OK (for the time being forgot about remaining tab. To reduce the complexity of this article we can discuss the same in other articles)
    • Name: Your First Job Stream Name.
    • Business name: Business requirement of Job Stream.
    • Description: A note about the Job Stream.

Best practice: As a best practice we always recommended to provide appropriate Business Name and Description. It is a way to document your project code.

You first Job Stream is ready to use.

As you can check in your newly created job stream a triangular node is by default added. This green triangular node is your Start Node.

How to Add Node in a Job Stream ?

Add other Job Stream
Assuming you already have multiple Job Streams. If not create another one using above steps. Once done follow below steps to add Job Stream Node.
Right click on visualization pane and select Insert JobStream Node. Using plus cursor sign and right click to place the new Job Stream anywhere inside visualization pane.
In the new pop up window click on ellipse button in front of Associated JobStream text box.
From the Item List pop-up select your job stream and click on OK twice.
Your job stream node added inside your first job stream.
You can now connect your Start Node and Job Stream using Insert Link option. Just right click on visualization pane and select Insert Link option. Now drag the cursor from Start Node to Newly added Job Stream node.
Add Fact Build or Dimension Build
Follow above steps but in place of Job Stream use Fact Build or Dimension Build as per your requirement. Do not panic we will discuss this in other articles.
How to add other nodes we can discuss the same in future articles. For the time being you can start reading the next article of this tutorial series.
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