Cognos Data Manager SQL Node

Cognos Data Manager SQL Node

Cognos Data Manager SQL Node is only available in Cognos Data Manager Job Stream. It is used to execute database query inside a Job Stream.

Follow below steps to add a SQL node inside a Job Stream.

  • Right Click on Job Stream in which you want to add SQL node and click on Insert Node and select SQL Node.
  • Provide appropriate Business name and Description in General tab.
  • Click on SQL tab, first select database from Database drop down (if no connection is available click on New button to create a new database connection. For more details how to create a connection refer this link.) and add following SQL Query "SELECT 'Hello World !!!';". Click on SQL Helper. In SQL Helper windows select play icon to execute your SQL Query. If your query executed successfully click on OK to close SQL Helper.
  • Select Predecessors tab. Select the node which is going to execute before this SQL node.
  • Click on Successor tab and check the check box which is going to execute after this SQL node. If the SQL Node is last to execute do not check anything.
  • Click on OK to save the changes. 

In above example we created a SQL node which is used to execute SELECT 'Hello Wolrd !!!' command in a SQL server Database.

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