Cognos Data Manager User Define Function

Cognos Data Manager User Define Function

Cognos Data Manager User Define Function
What is function: In simple terms Functions is a set of predefined actions (or steps) which we need to perform at multiple places. In Cognos Data Manager we can create a user define function in Library.
Steps to create an User Define Function (UDF)
  1. Inside Library, Right click on function and select Insert Function.
  2. Inside the new window provide appropriate name,business name and return type for the new Function.
  3. In the next tab named Interface define the parameters required during function call.
  4. Implementation tab is for the actual code you want to run, when a function call is made. (The Difference between Internal and External Function is available in this article)
  5. Variable is the Last tab for this window. It is used to define the intermediate variables used inside the function. The parameters define inside interface and variable define inside variable tab are different.
  6. Once done click on OK to save the changes.
How to call UDF inside Cognos Data Manager.
The syntax for calling a UDF inside Cognos Data Manager is given below.
If UDF returning a value.
<VariableName> := <FunctionName>(<Parameter1>,<Parameter2>,...);
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