Cognos Data Manager Variables

Cognos Data Manager Variables

Every ETL tools having option to create variables. Variables used to store intermediate state of execution process. In Cognos Data Manager we can define a variable in following locations:
  1. Environment Variable
  2. Cognos Data Manager Command Line (-V<Variable_Name>="Value").
  3. Job Stream (Inside Property window Variable Tab)
  4. Fact Build and Dimension Build (Inside Property window Variable Tab)
  5. Inside Data Source and Transformation model (Inside Property window Variable Tab)
  6. User Define Functions (Variable Tab)
Based on the variable locations we can use it in other places. For example a variable define at Job Stream level can be used in child builds, job streams, SQL node, Procedure node, and condition node. On the other hand variables define at build or function level only accessible in same component.
We can use defined variables in other nodes by using a $ sign. For example let say we created a variable named customer_count in Job Stream. Now we can use this variable in procedure node by using $customer_count or {$customer_count}.
Cognos Data Manager variables are case insensitive
$customer_count and {$customer_count} is behaving differently. The difference between {$customer_count} and $customer_count is available in this article.
This article explains How to use variables in Cognos Data Manager.
This article explains Why we use variable in Cognos Data Manager.
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