Create a copy of Cognos Data Manager

Create a copy of Cognos Data Manager

A quick way to create copy of a Congnos Data Manger catalog in SQL Server.

/* Please un-comment the Commit Tran line from the end of this script if you are comfortable with the output*/ BEGIN TRAN INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_jobnode_run SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_jobnode_run WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_sequence SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_sequence WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_delivery_hist SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_delivery_hist WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_audit_trail SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_audit_trail WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_audit_msg SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_audit_msg WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_audit_msg_line SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_audit_msg_line WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_catalog SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_catalog WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_component SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_component WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_component_line SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_component_line WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_component_run SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_component_run WITH(NoLock)INSERT INTO DM_Catalog_New.dbo.dsb_run_context SELECT * FROM DM_Catalog_OLD.dbo.dsb_run_context WITH(NoLock) --Commit Tran

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