How to create Cognos Data Manager Catalog

How to create Cognos Data Manager Catalog

Problem: How to create Cognos Data Manager Catalog.
Solution: Follow below steps to create Cognos Data Manager Catalog.
  1. Create Database: First we need to create a database in which we are going to store our Cognos Data Manager Catalog.
  2. Once Database is create open Cognos Data Manager Designer.
  3. In Cognos Data Manager Designer select New Catalog (Available in File Menu Short Keys Ctrl+N)
  4. In new opened window provide an appropriate Name for catalog (Ex: MyFirstCatalog, Note: Data Manger allow only 32 Characters in named text box) and type appropriate Business Name. In the description provide information about your catalog. Click Next > to continue.
  5. In next window select the database type in which you want to create a catalog. The options is changed as per your database. For explaining we are using SQL Server Database. Select SQL Server (OLE-DB) from the available database options. Provide an Username ,Password ,Server Name ,Database Name, Select Appropriate OLE DB provider as per your SQL Server. Test the connection before saying Finish. If connection tested successfully click Finish to create your first Data Manager catalog.
Note: Before performing step 5 please ensure that the your catalog database is available on database server.
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