Restore Cognos Data Manager Catalog

Restore Cognos Data Manager Catalog

You can restore a Cognos Data Manager catalog using following methods.

Method 1 Use Cognos Data Manager Designer.

  • Start Cognos Data Manager Designer.
  • Open your Catalog.
  • Create a backup of existing catalog. (How to ...)
  • In File menu select Restore Catalog ... option (Short Keys Alt+F,R).
  • Click Yes for the Confirmation Box. (The confirmation box is warning you that this process will overwrite your current catalog.)
  • Select your Catalog Backup file (*.ctg) and Click on Open button.
  • Please wait for Data Manager to complete its background process. (Wait time will depend on your Catalog File Size.) 

Note: During the restoration process the Cognos Data Manager is in Not Responding State, So please wait for Cognos Data Manager to complete its process.

PROS: Help me here to find more

  • You can use GUI utility to restore your project.
  • You can also restore your catalog on a blank newly created database.

CONS : Help me here if you know.

Method 3 Restore using CATRESTORE a Command line utility.

You can use CATRESTORE.exe to restore Data Manager Catalog. CATRESTORE.exe is available in 

X:\Program Files\cognos\c8\bin\catbackup.exe here X is the Cognos installation directory.

Here X is the Cognos Data Manager installation directory.

Note: Before initiating the restoration process create a backup.

Please use below command to restore data manager catalog. For full list of syntax please refer this article. 

Before executing below code please verify below points

  • CATRESTORE.EXE path is correct.
  • Your Catalog (*.ctg) is available on hard disk.
  • Your Destination Database must contain Cognos Data Manager control tables. For more help please refer this article.

 "C:\Program Files\cognos\c8\bin\CATRESTORE.exe" OLEDB "User Id=<User_Name>;Password=<Password>;Database=<Database_Name>;Data Source=<Server>;Provider=<Provider>;Integrated Security=FALSE;COGNOSSQL=FALSE" "C:\Backup\CatalogBackupFileName.ctg"

Pros: Help me here to find more

  • You can schedule your restore process by creating a batch file and windows scheduler.
  • It is useful when you have to restore multiple catalogs.

Cons: Help me here to find more

  • This process is not able to restore catalog on newly created blank database (The workaround to overcome the limitation is available here).


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