Database is in transition Try the statement later

Database is in transition Try the statement later

I am trying to take one of my database offline in SQL Server 2005 and facing below issue.
Problem: Database <Database_Name> is in transition. Try the statement later.
Solution: To resolve this I followed below steps.
  1. Try to close query windows in which you are executing any query on the database.
  2. If the step 1 did not help you to resolve the issue. Kill the long executing queries on the same database if killing query is safe.
  3. If the step 1 and 2 not worked. Close all the SSMS instance.
  4. If all the above steps failed to resolve your issue. Restart your database server before doing this ensure that it will not impact to any other execution process. But after restarting the SQL server your impacted databases may be in recovery mode.
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