IBM Cognos Error CFG-ERR-0106

IBM Cognos Error CFG-ERR-0106

CFG-ERR-0106 IBM Cognos Configuration did not receive a response from the IBM Cognos service in the time allotted.
Check that IBM Cognos service is available and properly configured.
  1. IBM Cognos service needs more time to start.
  2. Content Configuration settings are incorrect.
  3. Incorrect version (32-bit or 64-bit) of Java is installed
  1. Solution 1
    1. Stop IBM Cognos Services.
    2. Open cogconfig.prefs available at <Cognos_Installation_Location>/Configuration/cogconfig.prefs
    3. Add following lines at the bottom of the file ServiceWaitInterval=50000ServiceMaxTries=360
    4. Save the file.
    5. Start IBM Cognos Services.
  2. Solution 2
    1. Check Configuration settings.
  3. Solution 3
    1. Check the version of Java. Install the appropriate version of Java. If IBM Cognos 10 32-bit version is installed, install 32-bit version of Java. 
    2. Restart IBM Cognos Services.
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