SQL Server Interview Questions

SQL Server Interview Questions

List of SQL Server Interview Questions.
  • Difference Between Count(1) and Count(*)
  • Different types of Join.
  • How to perform Full outer join without using FULL keyword.
  • Difference between Union and Union All.
  • Different Types of Keys.
  • Different type of Database backup.
  • Different type of recovery models.
  • Can you create cluster Index on Null values\columns.
  • What is the use of collate function?
  • What do you know about physical joins?
  • Difference between SQL Server 2005 and 2008?
  • Difference between SQL Server 2008 and 2012?
  • Different Service packs of SQL Server 2005?
  • Different Service packs of SQL Server 2008?
  • Different Service packs of SQL Server 2012?
  • Different version of SQL Servers and their difference?
  • How to configure database Mails?
  • SQL Server Isolation levels?
  • Difference between primary key and unique key?
  • What is a CTE?
  • What is Database?
  • Available SQL Server versions?
  • SSIS Non-blocking, Semi-blocking and Fully-blocking components?
  • SSIS Package Performance?
  • What is Database Tables?
  • What are temp tables? What is the difference between global and local temp tables?
  • Explain about SQL Server Constraints?
  • What is difference between local and global temp tables?
  • How to handle transactions in SQL Server?
  • What is Execution Plan in SQL Server?
  • What are DBCC Commands? What are use of DBCC Commands?
  • How to Insert records in System tables
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