What is SSIS Package

What is SSIS Package

What is SSIS Package?

A SSIS Package is an organized collection of data connections, control flow elements, data flow tasks, events handlers and variables created by a Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) or Programmatically to achieve an organizational goal to collect clean data. Refer below image for a SSIS Package.

What is SSIS Package

For more detail explanation assume below scenario:

You have a database table named table_2 which refresh daily from database table_1 below are the steps which you perform daily manually.

  • Send Email to everyone that you are refreshing data in table_2.
  • Truncate table Table_2.
  • INSERT Data in Table_2 from Table_1
  • If Insertion of record failed send a failure email to everyone in the organization.
  • If insertion od records successes full send everyone a success message.

​You perform all the above steps manually. Alternative you can create a SSIS Package contains all the above steps and execute a single package daily. I think the alternative method is very good. So this is a practical scenario of SSIS Package. This example also explain the Question "Why to use SSIS Package?".

Finally how to create a SSIS Package?

You can use BIDS or Import and Export Wizard to create a SSIS Package. For step by step guide refer this link.

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