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GoDaddy Uninstall WordPress or Remove WordPress

In this article, we will learn How to uninstall WordPress from GoDaddy cPanel?

Following are the key points we will cover in this article

  1. Create a backup
  2. Download Backup
  3. Uninstall WordPress with Control Panel
  4. Manual uninstall WordPress

To uninstall WordPress, we will first create a backup of our WordPress website and then we will uninstall it.

Why backup? It is a good practice to create a backup before performing any destructive operations. It will help us to restore our website in case it is required. 

Create a WordPress Website Backup 

To create a backup, we need to first open the GoDaddy control panel.

Now we need to open Installatron. Click on the “Installatron Application” option. You can find it under “Your Building Tools” or you can find “Installatron Applications Installer” under “Software” section. Open the Installatron page.

On the Installatron page, we have all the available WordPress installation. Out of this installation, we need to delete the first installation. As shown in the above image for the first WordPress installation, we don’t have any backup.
To create the backup, click on the backup button. On the next page, we need to provide the backup location, backup name, and finally click on the backup button. Wait for the backup to complete. 

Download the Backup

Once the backup is completed, click on My Backups Tab. On my backups tab, we have the option to download the backup file. Click on the download button to start downloading the WordPress Backup.

In our backup, we have content for our WordPress installation and the database SQL file.

Uninstall WordPress

To uninstall WordPress, click on the “My Applications” tab. On the Application tab, we have an option to uninstall WordPress. Click on the uninstall button to uninstall WordPress 

Manual uninstall WordPress

To uninstall WordPress manually, we need to delete the PHP files and database.

Delete Files

To delete the files, open the file manager. Open the File Manager, navigate to the WordPress installation directory. First, open the wp-config.php. Note down the database name. We need to use it when we need to delete the database for WordPress installation.

Next, delete all the files. Select all the files and press delete.

Delete Database

To delete the database open “My Databases” page. On my databases page delete the user first. Then delete the database.

Remove WordPress entry from the Installatron

If you used Installatron for the above WordPress installation, then you need to remove its entry. Open Installatron page, click on the view and edit the details for the first entry. Click on the Files & Tables tab. Scroll down. At the bottom, we have an option to “Remove from Installatron?”. Check the checkbox and click on Save All button.

The above step will remove WordPress entry from the Installatron installed Application lists.

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