Cognos Data Manager Tutorial

Create Your First Data Manager Catalog

What is catalog? In short  a data manager catalog is a storage which stores all the instruction to perform an ETL process. The detail explanantion of Cognos Data Manager is available in this article.In this article we are focusing only to create a new Cognos Data Manager Catalog. To create a data manager catalog we required a working database server. For given steps to create a Data Manager Catalog we are using SQL Server 2012. Follow below steps to create your first Cognos Data Manager Catalog.

Steps 1 Create Database.

  1. Open your database server. Open SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS).
  2. Create a new blank database named "MyFirstDMCatalog" using below query.

           CREATE DATABASE MyFirstDMCatalog;

Steps 2 Create Catalog.

  1. Open Cognos Data Manager Designer. Available in Windows > All Programs > IBM Cognos > Data Manger
  2. If you are opening Cognos Data Manager Designer first time a Welcome Dialog is already opened. In this dialog select Create new Catalog Option. If welcome dialog box is not available you can create a new catalog by clicking on the new button icon available in toolbar. Or you can use Ctrl+N to open New Catalog window.
  3. In the New Catalog Window provide following information and click on Next button.
    • Name: Catalog Display Name (Mandatory)
    • Business Name: Appropriate Business name of data manager catalog.
    • Description: Something about Cognos Data Manager Catalog.
  4. In the next window we have to provide the database and server related information.
    • From the left pane select the server type. For this example we are using SQL Server so we selected "SQL Server (OLE-DB)" options. Following sub-options are based on type of server you selected.
      • Username: Username is required when we are using a SQL Server authentication mode.
      • Password: Password to connect SQL Server for the given user name.
      • Use Windows Logon: Check box to use Windows Authentication Mode. If this is checked username and password is not required. If it is unchecked Username and password is mandatory.
      • Server Name: <ServerName>\<InstanceName> (Ex: MyServer\DEVDB)
      • Database Name: SQL Server Database
      • OLE DB Provider: sqlncli10 (SQL Server 2008 native client)
      • Test Connection: Once all the required fields are completed. Click on Test Connection button to validate the inputs. If inputs are correct the Connection Test is successful.
    • If connection is tested successful click on Finish to create your first catalog. The rest of the work is done by Cognos Data Manager for you.
  5. Once done Cognos Data manager is opened your first Catalog in the designer. WOW you created your first Cognos Datamanager Catalog.

Last Update On: 20 July 2014
Version: v 0.1
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