SQL Server 2014 Management Studio Overview

SQL Server 2014 Management Studio Overview

This video is about SQL Server Management studio

SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Management Stuio (SSMS) is a windows based graphical user interface or GUI tool provided by Microsoft to maintain SQL Server and its Databases. SSMS provide a gui or a text editor to perform operation on SQL Server Objects.

SSMS provides various components which help user's to maintain server objects. Following are the components of SQL Server Management Studio.

  • File Menu: File menu is the collection of all the options are available in SSMS. For example from the file menu you can open a project, save a file or open existing one. It is available in top of the SSMS.
  • Quick Toolbar: It is a customizable toolbar which provide a quick button for various available options in SSMS. For example you can open a new query editor windows. Change current selected object. Execute query and so on.
  • Object Explorer: It alows you to browse all the avilable objects in current server. It provides a tree view of  all the avilable components. From here you can select any object and perform a quick action on selected object.
  • Property Explorer: Property explorer is used to display the properties of current connected server.
  • Query Editor: It is text editor to write T-SQL Query for server operation. It also provide syntax highlights and intellisense which helps you to write T-SQL Query.
  • Result Explorer: It shows the returned data on your t-SQL query execution.
  • Message Explorer: It display the message return by the server.
  • Solution Explorer
  • Template Explorer

We are going to discuss all this in details in our future articles.

In our next article we are going to learn how to open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to a sql server


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