How to Reserve a Static IP Address

How to Reserve a Static IP Address

Why we need a Static IP?

When we create a new VM instance an External IP is assigned to our VM Instance. We can use this IP address to visit our Web Server. We also use the same IP in our domain configuration. By default VM External IP is ephemeral. As per English dictionary ephemeral means lasting for a very short time. It means whenever we are going to restart our VM our VM IP address is going to change. So it is not possible for production environment to change the domain configuration every time our VM IP Changes. To avoid such scenario we need a static IP address. If we assigned a static IP address in a VM it is never going to change.

How to Reserve a Static IP?

Once our VM Instance is ready and launched. It assigns with External IP address. Using External IP address visitors can access our website. So, prevent it to change when our VM restart we need to reserve it. Now we are going to do the save to reserve External IP address for our new VM Instance. Follow below steps to reserve static IP.

For this we are going to first open left menu then scrolls and search for VPC network -> External IP address under Networking. Refer below image for more detail.

Now we need to convert our Ephemeral IP to Static IP. In dialog box provide a valid name and description (optional). Refer image for more detail.

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