Install Ubuntu 18 on Oracle Virtual Box

Install Ubuntu 18 on Oracle Virtual Box

In this article, we will install Ubuntu into Oracle VM Virtual Box. 
Following is the URL to download Ubuntu and Oracle VM Virtual Box. 
Download Ubuntu:
Download Oracle VM Virtual Box:
We assume you already have all the required files. Also, Oracle VM Virtual box is installed on your machine. 
Following are the steps to Install Ubuntu 18 on Oracle VM Virtual Box.

Create a new VM for Ubuntu 18

  • Launch Oracle VM Virtual Box
  • Create a new machine. Name Ubuntu. Type Linux. Version Ubuntu 64 Bit.
  • Select RAM
  • Create a new Hard disk. If you have an existing Hard disk you can select it. We are assuming you are creating a new Hard Disk.
  • Hard Disk type VDI (Virtual Box Disk Image)
  • Storage on physical hard disk
    • Dynamically allocated. This option will allocate space based on the requirement.
    • Fixed Size: It will allocate all the mentioned disk size at the time of its creation.
  • Select the new Hard disk location.
  • Once the VM is created Launch it. After launch, you need to select the Ubuntu Installation ISO. Select it.

Install Ubuntu 18

  • After a successful boot of the VM, you will get the option to Try Ubuntu or Install Ubuntu. We need to select Install Ubuntu.
  • On the next dialog, we need to select the Keyboard layout. I am fine with the default selection. If you need to change it, feel free to change.
  • After Keyboard layout, we need to select the Installation type. We selected minimal. You can select Normal installation also if you need to use all the features. We need this machine for demo only so we selected minimal.
  • Next, Select the installation type. We selected Erase disk and Install Ubuntu. It will delete everything on the selected Virtual hard disk and Install Ubuntu. We are fine with this because we don't have any data on our Virtual Hard Disk.
  • Select your option and click on the "Install Now" button. The installer will confirm the disk selection. Click on OK to confirm your disk selection.

Note: If you are installing it in a Physical machine, then you will lose all your data.

  • On the next dialog, we need to select our location for us it is correct. Select the appropriate location and click on the "Continue" button.
  • Finally, we need to provide our user information. Provide the following details and click on the Continue" button.
    • Your Name: Enter your Full Name or First Name
    • Your Computer's Name: Select a name for your computer
    • Pick a username: Provide a username for your account. You need to use it for logging into your account.
    • Choose a password: Enter the password you remember easily.
    • Confirm your password: Re-enter the same password.
    • Login automatically: If you selected this option Ubuntu will not ask for the username and password to access your machine.
    • Require my password to log in: By default, it is selected. It means you need to provide your account username and password to access your machine.

After clicking on the "Continue" button the Ubuntu installation will start. Wait for the installation to complete. After the installation, you need to restart your VM machine. 

  • During the restart, you need to press any key to confirm you removed the installation media from your VM machine.

Following images show all the above-mentioned steps.

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