Adobe XD CC Tutorial

Hand and Zoom Tool

In our previous article, we created a rectangle and learned about some of its properties. Now in this article, we are going to create few more rectangles and then we are going to learn about how to move around the document and use the zoom. 
Let's start with the hand tool first. 
Hand Tool  
For moving we need to use the hand tool. It is not available on the left toolbar. For accessing hand tool we need to press the spacebar. Notice, how our mouse cursor is changed to a hand. Now we can use left click and mouse drag to move. Right now our artboard is in the center. Let's try to move it. Ok great. If you have a mouse with the scroll wheel you can also use the scroll. If you scroll your document will move up and down. Using shift and scroll you can move your document left and right.  
What is next? In our previous article, we learned about how to create a rectangle. Currently, in our Artboard App UI Desing Document, we have only one rectangle. 
Let's create few more rectangles inside the first one. We created few rectangles. But we need to zoom in so we can work easily,  for this we can use drop down from the top right corner,  or we can use zoom tool. 
Zoom Tool
Select Zoom tool. When you select zoom tool our mouse cursor is changed to a magnifying glass. Now you can use mouse click to perform Zoom In. Your zoom focus is changed based on the cursor position. You can use alt+click to a zoom out. With zoom tool, if you are going to select any region document is going to zoom based on your selection. Is it not necessary to select zoom tool. 
We can use ctrl (command for mac) + plus sign to zoom in and 
 ctrl (command for mac) + minus sign to zoom out. If you are not comfortable with this then you can use spacebar + Ctrl + Click to Zoom in. For zoom out, you can use Spacebar + Alt + Click option. When you use mouse click to zoom your zoom focus is dependent on the mouse cursor position. In case of touchpads, you can use two fingers pinch to zoom in and zoom out.

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