Adobe XD CC Tutorial


Adobe XD Tutorial Series for beginners. Adobe XD installation is simple. It is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, so first, we need to install Adobe Creative Cloud.
Note: Installation Procedure is same for Windows and Mac users. And same for launching the Adobe XD.

Following are the steps to download and install Adobe XD on your mac or windows machine.

  • For downloading Adobe Creative Cloud please visit the URL:
  • Once you on the above page click on Download button.
  • You need to login to. If you don't have an account create it first. You can also use Facebook or Google to connect.
  • Once you logged in. Adobe Creative Cloud installer download is going to start automatically.
  • When download completed successfully, click on the installer to start the Adobe CC installation. 
  • Follow the instructions on screens to install the Adobe CC.
  • Once the Adobe CC is download successfully launch. First, you need to login again. Then scroll for Adobe XD. Click on Try It. Wait for the download for Adobe XD to complete. Once the download is completed click on Strat Trial button to start your 7-day trial, it going to launch Adobe XD. 

Following are different screens during the installation process.

Above screen shows the Adobe XD Screen. Next we are going to learn about Adobe XD User Interface.

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