Adobe XD CC Tutorial

Tools Create Basic Shapes and Edit Properties

Our previous article two articles are about installation and user interface. In this article, we are going to learn about some basic operations and properties. 

So let's start by creating a rectangle in our artboard.

1. Right-click on the artboard and move your mouse without leaving the right click.
2. If you want to create a square you can press shift from the keyboard while dragging your mouse. 
3. In our two options, our rectangle is created with the leftmost top corner. What if we need to create a rectangle using a center point. For this, we are going press alt + command key while dragging our mouse.

Our rectangle is ready, in above steps, we are creating a new rectangle. What if we need to modify existing rectangle.
For scaling, rectangle selects any corner. If you want to maintain aspect ratio press shift and scale. You can also use alt+command to scale rectangle at the center.

Check the below image. If you are able to see four circular dots inside the rectangle. You can use it for creating a round corner. If you can use alt key then you can change the roundness for a single side.

Play it with. For our Logo, we are going to create the shape as shown in the image.

Now Select rectangle. If you want to move it select anywhere inside the rectangle and move your mouse.

Now let's check the property for our selected rectangle.
On the top, we have options for alignment the rectangle.
Reapt Grid: We are going learn about this when we are going to create products for our e-commerce application.

Next, we have the option of changing width and height. If you want to maintain the aspect ration click on the lock icon.
Next are x and y position. As per the image currently, our rectangle is 64 units from the left and 270 units from the top.
Next, we have an option for rotating the rectangle. We did not discuss it from above. If you want to rotate it from mouse hove your mouse closer (not on) to any corners. If your mouse pointer is changed to a curved arc then you can rotate your rectangle. You can use the shift key incremental rotation.

Next, we have the appearance properties.
First on the list is the opacity. 
Next, we have options for the rounded corners. Right now the second option is selected. If you want all rounded corners select the first option. If you want to change the corner radius you can modify the value.

But for our logo, we need round corner only on two sides. So again I am going to select second options. Now, we can define a radius for each corner. The order is Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right and Bottom Left.

Next, we have an option for fill color and border. If you want to disable fill color or border you can uncheck the checkbox in front of respective options.
If you want to change the border width you can change the value as shown in the image. Next, to the text box, we have the option to select where our border is going to create. We have three options here
1. Inside Rectangle 
2. Outside Rectangle
3. Inside and Outside. Or On the path of the rectangle.

Next, we have the option of adding shadow. For shadow, we can change its position and strength.

Last option for the rectangle is Background Blur. We are going to learn more about it in our next articles.

Before closing this article we need to share one more last thing. All the items you create using in Adobe XD tools are vectors. What do I mean? Let's create a simple rectangle first and double-click on it.Options for the rectangle are now changed. You can now select any point to change the actual shape for the rectangle. Even you can add the additional point to change the shape of the rectangle. Try to create a pentagon. If need guidelines, you can switch on guidelines. I want to show square guidelines, Select View->Show Square Guide Lines. I think it is more than enough for this article.

Now, what is next? Next, we are going to learn about how to navigate your document and use the zoom.

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