Cognos 10 Framework Manager Tutorial

Branch to Merge From

In this article, we will learn about IBM Cognos Framework Manager (FM) "Branch to" and "Merge from" options. You can find this option under Project Menu. In the following video, we learned How to use IBM Cognos Report Studio Report Reference option to split your report work within different team members. We have a similar option in IBM Cognos Framework Manager too. It is "Branch to" and "Merge from". We can use "Branch to" option to divide an FM model into smaller modules. We can split this FM module between team members. Team members can work on their specific modules in parallel. In other words, multiple team members can work on the same FM model at the same time. Finally, we need to merge all the modules to create a single FM model for publishing and reporting. Following image shows the menu where you can find the options.

How to divide the FM Models into smaller modules?
To answer this question we first need to understand our business. We can divide the business into smaller departments and based on the departments we can split our FM model.

For the explanation let's open AdventureWorks database.
Based on this database tables and schema we can divide the FM model into following departments.
1. Audit
2. HumanResource
3. Production
4. Purchasing
5. And Sales


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