Cognos 10 Framework Manager Tutorial


In this article, we will learn How to Install Cognos Framework Manager. 
Following image is for IBM Cognos Architecture.

The Cognos Framework Manager normally installed on the end-user systems. An end user may be a business user, a developer or tester. It is not necessary to install it on a Web Server Application Server, or Data Server. But you can install it.  

Where do we need to Install Cognos Framework Manager?  

It is a client application. It is used to create a Cognos Framework Manager Models and Packages. Which is then used in Reporting? You need to install Cognos Framework Manager where the end user needs to create Cognos Framework Manager modal and packages. 


IBM Cognos Framework Manager (FM) is a client application. It required IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) service to work. Without IBM Cognos BI services FM will not work. To configure IBM Cognos FM we will be required Gateway and Dispatcher URL. It means you first need to install IBM Cognos BI Server and Configure it. It is not mandatory to install IBM Cognos BI Services on the same machine where you are planning to install Cognos FM. Please refer IBM Cognos architecture image for more details.

User Privileges 

One more important thing to consider while installing Cognos Framework Manager is the privileges. Normally we installed any program inside the Program Files folder. It is a system folder and required admin privileges to edit any files available inside it. If you install the Cognos Framework Manager in the Program Files folder, then maybe all users will not be able to use it.  


In an office environment, a normal user doesn't have admin privileges. If an admin installed Cognos Framework Manager inside the Program Files folder, normal employees may not able to edit Cognos Framework Manager Configuration file. To use the Cognos Framework Manager a user need to edit the configuration file. We can't use it without adding gateway and dispatcher URI in the config file.  
In this article, we will Install IBM Cognos Framework Manager on D drive in Cognos Folder. 

Following are the Steps to Download IBM Cognos Framework Manager on any windows machine. 

Cognos Framework Manager installation is completed successfully. Next, we need to edit the config file. Launch IBM Cognos Configuration Manager.

We need to edit Gateway URI and Dispatcher URI in the IBM Cognos Configuration manager. Edit and Save It. You can connect with your administrator to find the URI for both.

We are ready to use the IBM Cognos Framework Manager now. Next, we will learn How to create a first IBM Cognos Framework Manager Project.


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