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Lineage Information

What is Lineage Information and How to check Lineage Information?

In this article, we will learn What is Lineage Information and How to check it for a Data Item?

What is Lineage Information?

It helps to understand how the data item getting the value from the package and then the data source used in the package.

How to check Lineage Information?

Following are the steps to check Lineage Information for the data item.

  • First open Source Tab
  • Right-click on any query subject or data item of your interest and select  "Lineage" from the pop-up menu

It will open a new dialog box with two tabs business view and technical view.

Business View
It displays high-level textual information. Again on the business view, we have two options. First is Normal View and the second is Detail View.

Image for Business Normal View: In the normal view, you can find the brief about the data item.


Image for Business Detail View: In the business view, you can find the extra detail about the selected query subject or data item. It also contains metadata about query subject and data item.

Technical View

The technical view is the graphical representation of the lineage of the selected query subject or data item. 

It contains trace information for the selected query item and data item from the package to the data sources used by the package.

Image for Technical View


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