Cognos Data Manager Tutorial

Cognos Data Manager

Cognos Data Manager is a window based GUI tool to create enterprise data warehouse. It used as an ETL tool. It first extracts data from different type of sources.  Then clean the source data by various transformations. In final steps business logic applied to clean data to create enterprise data warehouse for Reporting and Analysis purpose. The business then used reporting and analytics data for the important business decision. In this tutorial series, we will learn about Cognos Data Manager ETL tool and ETL Concepts. If you are looking for IBM Cognos Reporting tutorials check this article.

IBM Cognos Data Manager Components

  • Data Manager  Engine
  • Data Manager Designer
  • Data Movement Service
  • Data Manager Network Service

Next >  Launch Cognos Data Manager Designer

If you want to know How to Instal Cognos Data Manager? You can check this article.

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