Cognos Data Manager Tutorial

Cognos Data Manager Connections

Cognos Data Manager Connections
Cognos Data Manager Connections are used to access different types of database. Cognos Data Manager provide various types of connection provider. We can create a new connection by right click on Connections available in tree pane at Root level > Library > Connections and select Insert Connection option (Ensure that tree pane first tab is selected). A new window appear with General and Connection Details tab. In General tab we can provide alias name for the connection and a brief description about the new connection. Connection details tab provide the supported data sources list. The data sources are broadly classified in three categories.
  • Databases
  • Flat Files
  • DSN Sources (Databases, Files)
Below are the list of articles shows Step by Step method to create different types of Connections
  • How to create a database connection source.
  • How to create a flat file connection.
In the Next article we are creating our first Cognos Data Manager Connection.
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