Cognos Data Manager Tutorial

Cognos Data Manager Installation Steps

Cognos Data Manager Installation Steps
In this article we are going to learn How to Install Cognos Datamanager in your machine.
Follow below instructions to install Cognos Data Manager in a Windows Environment.
Step by Step Guide to install Cognos Data Manager in Windows Environment.
  • Extract Cognos Data Manager Installation. Cognos Data Manager installation is archive in *.tar.gz format. You can extract it in windows environment using 7-Zip an open source Zip and Un-Zip software.
  • In the extracted Installation Folder search for issetup.exe. Double click on issetup to initiate the setup process. If user account Control ask for permition click on Yes if verified publisher is IBM (applicable only for windows 2008 and higher OS).
  • Welccome: Select the appropriate laungae for the installation wizard. Once done click on Next button.
  • IBM License Aggrement: Next windows is IBM License windows. Read the aggreement and click on I Agree Radio button and finally on Next button.
  • Installation Location: Select appropriate folder for your Cognos Data Manager Installation. Once done click on Next Button (If Cognos Data Manager ask for create directory if not exist's clikc on Yes).
  • Component Selection: Select appropriate components based on your requirement. Click on Next to move on next window.
  • Shortcut Folder: Create appopriate shortcut folder for your Cognos Data Manager. Click on Next once done.
  • Summary: Check the summary. If every thing is fine Click on Next. If you want to change any thing in the previous window click on back button.
  • Progress: Wait for the installer to complete the Cognos Data Manager Installation.
  • Finish: If the installation is successful click on fininsh button to close the installer. If installation is failes check the summary error log for more details.

Note: If you installed Cognos Data Manager in the same directory of Cognos Business Intelligence then you need to start Cognos BI Services.

Note: Applicable only for Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista and Higher. After click on Finish button if windows a give a pop with the heading Program Compatibility Assistant. Click on This Program installed Correctly.

Note: Due to user account control for windows server 2008 and higher you need to run Cognos Data Manager with administrative privileges. Or alternative disable user account control.


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