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Installation Windows

In this article, we will install Node and Visual Studio code in Windows 10, Mac and Ubuntu.

This article is for Windows refer the following URL for MAC and Ubuntu
How to Install Node JS and Visual Studio Code on Mac
How to Install Node JS and Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu

Node JS Installation Steps for Windows 10

First Visit: https://nodejs.org/en/ Download the latest available version for Node JS Installer. At the time of writing this article, we use Node.js 10.4.0. Download It. Double click on the installer to Launch Installation.

Visual Studio Code Installation Steps for Windows 10

We need an editor for writing our code. We can edit our code in any text editor, but we will use Visual Studio Code. Why? It is a great editor with lots of plugins and extension. It is free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Visit https://code.visualstudio.com and download Latest version for Visual Studio Code.

Double click on Visual Studio Code Installer.

We done with the installation of Node JS and Visual Studio Code. Next, we will learn How to create your first Electron JS Project? We will create a Hello vLemonn project.


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