IBM Cognos Analytics Tutorial

About IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics provides tools for business analysis and effective business decision. IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence tool. It provides following tools for data modeling, analysis, and business decisions.
Welcome Page: It is the first page after successful login on IBM Cognos Analytics. From here you can find all the IBM Cognos Analytics Contents.

Following are the key thing you can access from Welcome Page
Run Report
Search for content
View My Contents, Team Contents, and Recent Lists.
Create open Dashboard,
Create open Stories
Upload Data Files
Check Notifications
Access and Edit User Preferences
Change Home Page (By default it is Welcome Page)
Your IBM Cognos Analytics Subscriptions
Edit, copy, move, delete, run as, set properties, set permission and other.
Create report views
Create shortcuts for reports, dashboards, stories, or data modules.
The shortcut is a link to an existing object. We will learn all this in next articles. 

Reporting: The IBM Cognos Analytics provides tools for creating normal or active reports. The IBM Cognos Analytics provides various themes and templates as a starting point. IBM Cognos Report Studio another tool for IBM Cognos Analytics. You can assemble different reports elements and visualization in Report Studio. We will learn to create reports in our upcoming articles. 

Dashboards and Stories: It helps you to create different views. We can assemble different visualization.

Data Modeling: It is for collecting the data from different sources, cleaning, filtering. This entire process called Data Modeling. We can use IBM Cognos Analytics data modeling tool for creating data modules. Final Data Module and Package used for reporting.

Admin Console and Management: Following are the options are available on Admin Console: 

Managing User.
Data Source Connections.
Content Stores.
Logs and Audit.
And other. 

Admin Console options are available based on roles and privileges.

This is brief about IBM Cognos Analytics. In our next article, we will learn, How to register for a free IBM Cognos Analytics Trai?

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