IBM Cognos Analytics Tutorial

IBM Cognos Architecture

IBM Cognos Architecture

IBM Cognos is a Business Intelligence or BI Suite for enterprise reporting, dashboard, analysis, and scorecard.
IBM Cognos architecture designed for easy to scale, availability and openness.

Following is the image of IBM Cognos Architecture.

IBM Cognos Architecture

IBM Cognos Architecture and its component

As shown in the above image, It contains the following components 
1. Web Server: It contains IBM Cognos Web Server contents with one or more IBM Cognos gateway. 
2. Application Server: On the application server we can find different types of services. Each service has their own specific role. 
Based on the active services application server can handle requests for the report and/or query execution. 
The result for any specific service execution forward to end user using the gateway.

3. Database Server: It contains one or more server. The database server is required to store a content store database which IBM Cognos database used to store IBM Cognos components. All the reports, folder, and other information are stored in the content store. Also, data for reporting will reside on database servers.

How did it work?

First, we have a client. The client may be a business user interested in reports, or a developer. All clients used a graphical user interface (GUI) to access IBM Cognos services. IBM Cognos provides two types of user interface. Web-based and Windows-based.
Following are the list of web-based tools
IBM Cognos connection
Report Studio
Analysis Studio 
Query Studio
Metric Studio
For all the web-based tools client need to use a supporting browser. Using a browser client can access the web-based interface.
Following are the list of Windows-based tools
Framework Manager
Map Manager
Windows-based tools are normally for development and testing purpose. To use a window-based tool, we need to first install and configure it in the local machine. Without proper configuration, we will not able to use it.

All the web and windows tools need to have access to the IBM Cognos gateway. Without proper access to the IBM Cognos gateway, we are not able to use any tools.
All the user action sends to the web server via a gateway. Web Server will process and forward the user's request to an application server for further processing. 
An application server processes the user's request and sends it back to the web server. The Web server creates a presentation based on the received response from the application server and displays it to the end user.

For example, Following are the steps for user authentication:
We will use the login page. On the login page, we need to provide the user-name and password. 
Login page shares this information to the web server. 
The Web server encrypts the information, add the necessary environment variables, and send this information to an application server. 
The application server forwards the request to authentication services. 
Authentication services verify the user and generate a response for authentication. 
The application services, send back the authentication response to the web server. 
Based on the application server response web server will render a new presentation user interface for the client.

Gateway Types

  • GGI
  • apache_mod
  • servlet

Following are the different services.

  • Adaptive Analytics service
  • Agent service
  • Annotation service
  • Batch report service
  • Content Manager service
  • Content Manager cache service
  • Data advisor service
  • Data integration service
  • Data movement service
  • Delivery service
  • Dimension management service
  • Dispatcher service
  • EV service
  • Event management service
  • Graphics service
  • Human task service
  • Index services
  • Job service
  • Log service
  • Metadata service
  • Metrics Manager service
  • Migration service
  • Mobile service
  • Monitor service
  • Planning services
  • PowerPlay service
  • Presentation service
  • Query service
  • Relational metadata service
  • Report data service
  • Report service
  • Repository service
  • Standalone Cognos Access Manager
  • System service

Note: Above list is based on IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.x

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