IBM Cognos Analytics Tutorial

User Interface

In the next article, we will learn about IBM Cognos Analytics User Interface. 
In the previous article, we registered for a free IBM Cognos Analytics Trial.
On successful registration, we redirected on IBM Cognos Analytics Home Page. 
Following image shows the IBM Cognos Analytics Home Page.

Let's first check left the navigation. On the left navigation, we home following option

  • Home: It will redirect a user to the Home.
  • Search: User can use it to search content Hosted by IBM Cognos Analytics
  • My Content: It is user folder. All the user-specific contents are available in this folder. If you are familiar with IBM Cognos 8 or 10, then it is My Folder.
  • Team Content: It is a public shared folder. Public folder if compare to IBM Cognos 10 and lower.
  • Recent: User can find all the recent open Cognos content here. If you are using IBM Cognos Analytics first time, then it is empty.
  • New: User can use it to create a new IBM Cognos Content. At the time of writing this article, we have following options under "New".
    • Report
    • Dashboard
    • Story
    • Data Module
    • Other
      • Workspace
    • Upload files
    • Job

We will explore all this in details in the upcoming articles.

In the centre, we have our main working area. On the home page, we can find the recent open file. Also, we can drag and drop data files to upload it to IBM Cognos Analytics. Last we have some quick links for "Overview", "Get Started Video", "Sample Data" and for "Support".

Top toolbar content IBM Cognos Analytics logo in the left corner. In the centre, we have name current active page, report, dashboard or other. It is drop down. You can use this drop down to switch between the open document in this tab.

On the right side of the top toolbar, we have an option to set the current page as a Home. Next, a notification bell to display all the notifications. Then user profile icon. Use it the user can access following sections.

  • My schedules and subscriptions
  • My preferences
  • Log my session
  • My Inbox
  • My Watch Items
  • Sign out

We will explore all the above options in more detail in our upcoming articles.

The last option on the toolbar is to get help. Available at the rightmost corner with a question mark icon. Using it the user can access "About", "Documentation", "Support Portal", and "Privacy" section.

We are not done yet with the user interface yet. It will change based on the toll we selected. We will learn more about the new user interface when we open a specific tool. Before moving ahead, we need to discuss Hints. If it enables you can see green dots around the user interface. On click, it will display quick tips to make the user comfortable with the User Interface.

For reporting we need data. In the next article, we will learn How to upload data files?

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