Kotlin Tutorial Beginner Guide for Kotlin Programming Language Tutorial

Create First Project

In this article, we are going to learn How to create our First Kotlin Project. Create Project in IntelliJ IDEA Following are the images show different screens for creating a New Kotlin Projects in IntelliJ IDEA

  • Launch IntelliJ IDEA using shortcut or from Start Menu

  • Select previous Settings

  • Accept Privacy Policy

  • Create a New Project

  • Select Project Type

  • Provide Project type, name, and Select Project SDK

  • Close Tip of the Day

  • Open Project View. Keyboard shortcut Alt+1

  • Add new File

  • Provide File Name

  • Edit new file and add code

  • Run our project

  • Below is the output


Create a new Kotlin Project in Eclipse Following are the steps to create project in Eclipse

  • Launch Eclipse

  • Eclipse Splash Screen

  • Select Workspace

  • Create a new Project


  • Project Type


  • Provide Project Name

  • Open Project Window


  • Add a new File

  • Provide File Name


  • Edit our Newly created file


  • Finally, execute our project


  • Below is our output.


For rest of the tutorial series, we are going got use IntelliJ IDEA Community edition.

What is next? Next, we are going to learn more about Kotlin and it's code syntax.

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