Kotlin Tutorial Beginner Guide for Kotlin Programming Language Tutorial

Install Kotlin Create your Development Environment

In our first article on Kotlin Programming Language, we are going to learn about How to create our development practice environment. We are going to use this practice environment in entire tutorial series. Kotlin in JVM language and JVM support on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Because of this, we are going to create our development environment in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please check below articles based on the OS in which you want to use.

We are going using Windows environment in our entire tutorial series. If you are on Mac or Linux the steps covered in each article is same for all environments (Except keyboard shortcuts. Code compilation steps may be very).

Once the installation is Completed Check the following articles for creating your first project.

For rest of the tutorial, we are going to use Windows.

Next, we are going to start learning Kotlin Programing language.

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