Microsoft Excel Tutorial 2017 Mac Tutorial

Excel User Interface

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the Excel 2017 Mac user interface. First, we are going to launch Excel on Mac. Following are the steps to launch Excel on Mac OS.

  • Open Launchpad
  • Scroll and Search for Microsoft Excel. Click on Microsoft Excel icon to launch Excel on Mac OS.

Note: If you love Siri, you can ask Siri to launch Excel for  You.

Following image shows Excel Navigational Dashboard.

Frem here we have options for

  • Create a new Work Sheet: For creating a new workshet we can either create a Blank Workbook or we can use on of the available templates. Please refer above image for more details
  • Check history for Recently opened Excel Files. For fresh installation of Recent File Tab may be empty.


  • Open existing workbook. If you have any existing woorkbook, you can use this option. You may use local, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint


  • Current Logged in User Account Details.


  • Finally, Activate Excel

Let’s create a new WorkBook. Now we are going to learn more about main Microsoft Excel user interface.

Following is the image for excel workbook.

In the above image we have lot’s of things to discuss. Let’s check all the things one by one.

  1. Title Bar: It display’s the current workbook. It also contains Quick Access toolbar (on the left) and Search sheet (on the right)
  2. Search Sheet: Search toolbar for searching data in your current opened workbook.
  3. Collapse Ribbon Button: Just below the search toolbar we have button to collapse ribbon.
  4. Ribbon: It contains almost all the available options in Excel. Ribbons options grouped in different tabs.
  5. Sheet Tab Scroll: On the bottom we have sroll for scrolling all the worksheet in our current workbook.
  6. Status Bar: It displays message or status for excel operations. Example status for Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Summary information about the range of cells selected. We can control the information need to display by right click and select the appropriate informations.
  7. Sheets: It is the worksheet name. You can rename it.
  8. New Sheet: It is button to add a new sheet.
  9. Active Shell: It is current active shell. At the time of writing this article, we have 17179869184 available cells in a workbook.  We can check current sell content in Formula Bar
  10. Formula Bar: It is used to modify content for cells. We can also use formula.
  11. Zoom Control: It Is used to control zoom for WorkSheet.
  12. Page View: It is used to control How worksheet displayed.
  13. Row Numbers: It is the numbers for all the available rows in excel worksheet (Range from 1 to 1048576).
  14. Column Letters: It is the letters for all the available columns in excel worksheet (Range from A to XFD around 16384). 
  15. Name Box: It display information about current active cells. In the above image A1 is selected. It means 1 Row in Ath Column.
  16. Quick Access Toolbar: It is a customizable toolbar. It mainly contains commanly used commands.We can customize it as per our need.
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