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Hello and Welcome to our Python 3.6 Beginner Free Online Text and Video Tutorial Series. In this tutorial series, we are going to learn all about the basics of Python 3 Programming Language. During the Tutorial we are sharing useful Tips and Tricks which helps you to increase your productivity and achieve your goals smartly.

During this tutorial series, we are going to use the following legends

Best Practice: Always use it.

Note: Points to remember.

Quick Tip: A way to improve productivity.

How To: Refer other articles.

What these tutorial series cover: This tutorial is designed for beginners. We are going to cover from basic to advance topic. After completing this tutorial series you can no everything about Python Programming Language. Next, you are ready to use Python for Web Development, Machine Learning, and others.

What you need for this tutorial series: 

  • Desktop and PC with Windows, Mac, or Linux Operating System.
  • System Configuration minimum 2 GB Ram.
  • Internet connection.
  • Mouse and Keyboard.

Who this tutorial series is for: This tutorial is designed for beginners who want to learn everything about basics of Python Programming Language.

How to use this tutorial series: Simple start reading the articles in the given sequence by using Index. You may skip some articles if you think your concepts are clear about that section. We recommended to read all the articles, it helps us and you to revise everything.

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Ok so let’s start with the basics of Python. First, we are going to create our development environment.  We are going to download and install Python. We are also going to download and install Pycham IDE. Follow below article for the installation steps select an appropriate link based on your Operating System preference.


  • Install Python and Pycharm on Windows 10.
  • Install Python and Pycharm on Ubuntu.
  • Install Python and Pycharm on Mac.
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